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Donna Winn's Home Cleaning Checklist

Family Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms & Hallways
  • Web around ceiling edges, overhead fans and lights, check tops of drapes for webs
  • Dust wall hangings, blinds, ledges, sills and heaters
  • Polish furniture (tops, fronts, sides, legs), dust, remove or lift Items setting on furniture
  • Clean lamps; vacuum shades
  • Clean knick knacks (unless collectibles*)
  • Windex glass (double check for streaks)
  • Vacuum baseboards; (getting under furniture where possible)
  • Floors: If carpeted, vacuum out of the room
  • On bare floors, vacuum or sweep before washing
  • Web around ceiling edges, overhead lights and fans, tops of curtains, wall hangings, window sills and ledges. Wash, rinse, then buff dry the following:
    • Outside of cupboards (top and bottom)
    • Outside of all major appliances (tops, front, sides), wash microwaves Inside
    • Stove top and burner trays
    • Counter tops and backsplashes; wiping canisters, small appliances, etc.
    • Table and chairs
    • Windex any windows near sink
    • Wash sink and buff to a shine
    • Floor, if carpeted vacuum edges and carpeting
    • Bare floor, vacuum or sweep before washing
  • Web around ceiling edges and wall hangings
  • Vacuum or wipe loose hair off fixtures, counter tops and floors
  • Wash, rinse and buff dry all fixtures
  • Swish toilet bowl and clean under rim
  • Clean Inside and outside of shower doors
  • Windex mirrors and chrome, buff to a shine
  • Mop floor behind and around the toilet
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